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Glass Industry in China

Glass Industry in China

China is one of the ancient civilizations manufacturing glass. Since the end of 14th century, Zhenghe has been back China with artisans which producing float glass by blowing and flattening in Guanghzhou from Eastern Roman Empire.

1906, we imported equipment and materials from abroad. Many float glass factory was built in all over China, which is using the semi-mechanical blower flattening method. All that has been left undone is to be done, as the founding of New China, float glass is far from meeting the needs of construction.

China has been designing, researching and developing and manufacturing equipment by itself since 1953.

Although the deeply process glass industry started late in China, due to economic development, people need the glass is more safety, energy saving, comfort, aesthetics, environmental, coupled with the promotion of policies and regulations, the development of deep processing glass is very quick.

After more than 70 years, China's glass industry has undergone tremendous changes. From almost blank to the world's largest output; from few item glass products to international varieties that we all can offer, we has developed China's Luoyang float glass process with independent and independent intellectual property rights. Its production scale and industrial structure, varieties and quality have achieved brilliant achievements that attracted worldwide attention.

An oak is not felled at one stroke.

The market is a process of survival of the fittest.

Nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny.

There are many manufacturer of float glass sheet in China. They are all have good qualities, earn their reputations from markets. Like Xiyi Glass, CSG,KIBING, Yaohua Pilkington, Taiwan Glass, LuoYang Glass, G-CRYSTAL….

Hiblue Glass Co.,Ltd. Which is a processor of glass and mirrors. Our glass sheet is purchasing from Xiyi Glass or CSG KIBING or other big glass sheet manufacturers. That is ensure the quality of the glass and the effect of  tempered glass.

Tempered glass/Toughened glass

Tempered glass is typically a single panel of glass designed to break into tiny pieces to minimize the chance of deeply lacerating a person’s skin.

·     There is a disadvantage of toughened glass self-explosion.

·     The first reason is visible defects in the glass, like stones, sand, bubbles, inclusions, notches, scratches, edge bursts.etc.

The second reason is caused by nickel sulfide(NIS) impurities and heterogeneous particles in the glass.

We use the glass sheet from big glass sheet manufacturer, that is reduce stones, sands, bubbles, inclusions in glass. Also, we have many advanced process machines to keep the glass is complete. The tempered machine also is an important factor.

The rate of toughened glass self-explosion is lower, no one can avoid, the only way we can do is reduce that happen.

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